Big Ed Partners with Try Hours

  BIG ED Forms Partnership With Try Hours, Inc., transportation industry expediting experts specialists in the shipment of time-sensitive and emergency freight since 1989


You’re halfway through prepping the turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner at 11:00 am when the phone rings: “We got a problem, boss,” are the first words that you hear. You inquire as to what the nature of the problem is that’s important enough to warrant an interruption of your family time. “We still don’t have our 150 kindles and 200 flat-screens, doors open in 13 hours.” Your stomach suddenly drops; that shipment was supposed to have been a done deal yesterday evening. The first signs of this sudden reality manifests itself in the form of heartburn. Your respond, futilely, with something like, “Did you call the expediter?” “They said that it was a last minute cancellation…”  All you can think about is the horde of, soon-to-be angry camped-out shoppers who are salivating at the prospect of buying some those great deals on your truckload that never came… It doesn’t need to be this way.


Try Hours is a family-owned and operated transportation company specializing in Ground Expedited Premium service. “We guarantee pick-up in 90 minutes and delivery within 15 minutes of the quoted schedule,” said Dave Wojkiewicz, Vice President of Sales. Wojkiewicz added, “we guarantee “exclusive use,” meaning that only YOUR freight will be on the truck and the truck will not stop until it reaches your destination.” Having specialized in the movement of time sensitive and emergency freight since 1989, Try Hours provides ground expedited service to the industrial manufacturing sector to and from all points east of the Mississippi, from Minnesota to Texas as well as California. BIG ED will offer his expertise to help expand the business opportunities along the east coast. Try Hours offers a specialized service; they’re in  the “oh crap…we have a major problem solving business,” said BIG ED. Try Hours partnership with Burns Logistics Solutions, Inc., will lead to myriad new business opportunities and the knowledge that you will feel great knowing that these two industry-leading experts know how to handle your freight-and more importantly get it there on-time, every time.