Big Ed Waxes Nostalgic and Buys the Original Pennsylvania Railroad Shoemakersville Train Station

Big Ed purchases the original Pennsylvania Railroad Shoemakersville Train Station at 379 Main Street in Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania. He joins the best little league baseball team in the Blue Mountain Youth League, Shoey Green Sox, by becoming the newest, proud Shoemakersville neighbor.

The station is undergoing renovations to better suit the needs of Big Ed and his team.


Big Ed, a modern day Meindert DeJong, perhaps best encompasses what DeJong sentimentalized in one of his many award-winning children’s books: “The Little Cow and The Turtle: “The Restlessness and The Longing, like the longing that is in the whistle of a faraway train…except that the longing isn’t really in the whistle-it’s in him (you).” With a dreamy nod to nostalgia and a knowing nose for potential, Big Ed pays homage to, not only our nation’s magnificent past, but also rekindles the hope of small town renewal in a place that had all but been forgotten.

De Jong, a  Dutch-born writer of children’s books who won the International “Hans Christian Andersen Award,” in 1962 for his contributions as a children’s writer, knew quite a bit about the magic of storytelling. Big Ed, too, is a storyteller, of a different variety. He’s creating a romantic tale that warmly blends the romantic past of a bygone era with the potential and hope of a promising future. He will open his new office in northern Berks County in early June 2016.


The Shoemakersville Train Station,like many other train stations of the day, was an integral part of everyday American life. Loved ones tearfully bid their goodbyes as soldiers departed for two World Wars and embraced and cheered them upon return.

Poignant and powerful memories often intersected at the Shoemakersville Train Station. It is easy to understand how and why Big Ed embraced nostalgia. It is his way of honoring and sharing our country’s great history, by purchasing and preserving the architectural gem at 379 Main Street, Shoemakersville, PA. The next time that you pay a visit, remember that you’re not going to Big Ed’s new office. You’re coming home to be with a friend!