Why work with a sales agent?

Carrier Benefits

We provide risk-free value to our carrier clients. We only get paid by our carriers after they’ve secured the business. We bring you into our shipper network and plug you into the lanes and opportunities you want

Our ValuesSign On with Us

Our Process

Relationship Focused

Vet each other to get to know one another, our business models, goals, and whether and how to help each other. 

We sign an agreement. We don’t sign on with competitors of our existing carrier partners.

We then begin to pursue opportunities on your behalf.We identify backhaul situations where we can help you optimize your network. We begin with our existing shipper network and ask them if they have a need for your capacity.

Once we’ve secured an opportunity, it’s up to you to deliver the freight.

We then continue to deepen our relationships together and bring you additional opportunities.

We Vet one another

We take the time to understand each other’s businesses.

Sign On

We ink a contract so we can begin working together. 

Pursue Opportunities

We go after freight in your network at rates that work for you.

Deliver on it

We move freight successfully for one of our shipper partners. 

Deepen the RElationship

After we’ve seen mutual success, we find ways to do more!

Benefits of Burns Logistics

Why Carriers use us

No Risk

Shippers don’t get fees or charges from us. It’s that simple, you don’t pay for our services. 

Varsity Team

We represeent many carriers across the country. Whether you need LTL, FTL, HAZMAT, flated, partial, expedite, or drayage, you talk to us and we put it together for you.

Fits your network

You contract directly with the carrier on all business. You will work with their operations team for daily support. We get involved only when you want us to help solve a problem. 

We pay costs

Our vast, diverse carrier portfolio brings you lots of additional capacity.

From Big Ed Burns

Make Friends

Make new friends every day that you can. Ever new person you meet has the potential to become a new friend, or someone you get the opportunity to help. 

At Burns Logistics, we are driven by relationships. Business is good and money is nice, but people matter most. We believe that we’ll be successful as we help other people get what they want and reach success. 

Join us as we work to build a better world through business. 

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