Flatbed Facts

Flatbeds make sense in a situation where an enclosed trailer is not an option. Some loads don’t fit on a pallet, need to be side-loaded, are overweight, or have odd configurations (machinery, for example). Flatbed is the answer for these problems and more. Common flatbed cargo includes industrial steel, lumber, large equipment, pre-fabricated products and solar panels.

Flatbeds are available in various configurations, the standard flatbed is the most common type. Standard length is normally 48 or 53 feet, 53 feet is most common. Flatbeds are usually 60 inches high, which means they can accommodate freight up to 8’6” in height without any issues in regard to bridges or overhead wires.

Flatbed Configurations

These are the styles of non-standard flatbed configurations:

Double Drop Trailer – this trailer has an upper deck in the front and a deck in the rear. The well is the middle of the trailer.  Over-height, tall loads are perfect for these trailers.

RGN (Removable Gooseneck, “Lowboy”) – the perfect fit for moving heavy equipment and a variety of other uses because of its versatility. The RGN known as a Lowboy, or a Double Drop Deck with detachable deck.  This trailer gets its name from its main feature, the neck is detachable and the front of the trailer becomes a ramp. RGN trailers make sense for over-sized loads, since they have various configurations that can accommodate the weight and size of larger loads

Retractable Curtain (“Conestoga Style”) – this optional equipment is for either standard and non-standard flatbed styles. The trailer has a removable covering to protect freight from the elements. The cover is put in place after the freight is loaded. Good carriers (like the ones we partner with) use a simple sliding mechanism that covers the freight quickly and easily. The sliding curtain is fast and efficient.

Side Kit Flatbed – a side kit is a 45’ to 48’ flatbed with removable sides. The steel industry uses these most often because the sides come off. Overhead cranes typically load freight onto these trailers.

Step Deck (Drop Deck) – step deck trailers, or drop deck trailers are very similar to standard flatbeds. They are ideal for moving freight above the legal height. These trailers have a lower area. If you can load equipment onto a trailer with a ramp, then drop decks are the answer. These is also an option to load equipment via a ramp right onto the trailer.

Stretch Trailer – both Flatbed Stretch and RGN Stretch trailers have the ability to transport extra-long loads. Most importantly, these work well for over-dimensional loads.

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