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Trucking Solutions

Our expansive, reliable carrier network includes regional and niche trucking companies.

Regional Truckload

SmartWay | ELD Ready
We align ourselves with the best regional carriers in the country. Just like us, these carriers are committed to high service levels. Furthermore, they are good companies for drivers.


It’s not always easy to find dedicated reefer carriers that can provide consistent market presence. But we found them!

Call us if you’re having a hard time getting a strong refrigerated carrier to cover your loads with consistency.


Flatbeds can be hard to find.

Call us if you are struggling to find flatbed carriers who land assets in your area with regularity.

Expedited Service

The transportation industry is changing quickly. It seems like we hear about another buyout every quarter.

Our expedited relationships bring you the coverage you need in the markets you need it, coupled with stellar service. Prepare for fast moves and long-lasting relationships.

High, Wide, Heavy

Shipping something unconventional? Challenge accepted.

This sort of specialty work sometimes gets moved by a different carrier every day through brokerage. Do yourself a favor, make sure the carrier moving this gets to know you. After all, it isn’t a cheap load, service and quality should be top-notch.

High-Value & Danger

When you’re moving something that needs extra attention, security, or insurance, we have the carrier choices for you.


Less than truckload carriers seem to be all over the place, despite moving a small percentage of freight.

But does your LTL carrier take good care of you?


You don’t have time to keep up with who has what certifications.

Our relationships in this industry are with carriers with great ratings and fantastic service and driving records. The last thing you need is for your freight shipment to be on the news.

Benefits of Burns Logistics

Why Shippers use us

No Fee

Shippers don’t get fees or charges from us. It’s that simple, you don’t pay for our services. 

One Contact, Many Assets

We represeent many carriers across the country. Whether you need LTL, FTL, HAZMAT, flated, partial, expedite, or drayage, you talk to us and we put it together for you.

Contract directly

You contract directly with the carrier on all business. You will work with their operations team for daily support. We get involved only when you want us to help solve a problem. 


Our vast, diverse carrier portfolio brings you lots of additional capacity.