Mason Henne’s Internship Experience

by Mason Henne

A few weeks ago I began my internship experience with Burns Logistics. I must thank Big Ed, Ed, and Stacy for the amazing opportunity that it is. These first couple of weeks have been jam packed with an abundance of knowledge. Along the way I have met many great people who have taught me extremely valuable lessons. I still have a lot to learn but thus far I learned the importance of…


It does not matter what you’re walking into, what matters is who you’re walking in with. I have learned that both internal employee and external client connection is critical in building mutual respect and trust. Without a strong relationship, communication and commitment are unable to reach their full potential.


I just finished my third year at Penn State Harrisburg and I know all about the importance of education, but what I believe is even more important than a good education is good experiences. I have been able to see with my own eyes: an efficient distribution center, a top of the line trucking company, and a well structured supplier. These are all things that we learn about in the classroom but lack the total understanding of, until we are able to witness first hand. All forms of experience increase our understanding, knowledge, and confidence as we go through our paths of career and life. 

Dialing In

A little catch phrase that Ed and I first laughed at, but then pondered and realized its impact. Whether preparing for a big time phone call, working through a tedious task at hand, or attempting to complete a simple daily chore… all require a degree of focus and determination to complete the duty successfully. “Dialing in” allows your mind to have tunnel vision to live where your feet are and give it your all, no matter what it is you are doing. 

Looking forward to learn more about the industry and connect with you!