Our Top 10 Favorite Transportation Conferences

There are so many transportation conferences because in-person events are effective. Yet, face to face, in person communication is at an all time low in the business world. What better way to revive that skill, all while networking and broadening your horizons than by attending a conference. Hey, you might even get to golf.

There are hundreds of conferences all around the world, specializing in logistics and supply chains. Many of them may even be in your neck of the woods! These are some of our favorites:

1. Truckload

Nashville, Tennessee – March 23-26, 2024

The Truckload Carriers Association holds its educational convention every year and it allows individuals to broaden their understanding regarding freight operations, safety, and technology.

This is our number one favorite because it is real truckers meeting real truckers to talk about trucking. It’s a great place to learn about the industry. They perfectly balance fun time with networking and education.

2. Food Shippers

Orlando, Florida – March 3-5, 2024

The 68th annual conference will be held in March and hosts roughly 1500 professionals in the food and beverage supply chain industry. They will get together and share valuable information. It’s a place where we consistently make new friends while getting to spend time with old friends as well.

They always have a terrific golf tournament. The speakers are top tier. The networking is the best in the industry. That’s why we never miss it.


May 5-7, 2024 in Naples, FL

We love our state trucking association, the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association. They work so hard to advocate for the trucking industry. They also put on a wonderful event every year with networking, education, and golf. (See the pattern yet?)

Attendees include many PA-based trucking companies, so the knowledge shared is amazingly valuable. There are also a variety of fun-loving vendors that know how to add value. These folks are our friends.

This year’s PMTA Annual Membership Conference is a destination event at one of our favorite venues, the Ritz Carlton in Naples, FL.

4. JOC Inland

Inland is a staple in our conference schedule. The Journal of Commerce is one of the best industry publications, with plenty of data, analysis, and commentary to keep any industry insider in the know.

5. SMC3 Connections

June 24-26, 2024 in Colorado Springs, CO

SMC3 is the premier authority on LTL pricing. Perhaps just as importantly, they know how to make a fun conference. Connections is their annual summer event and while it brings a lot of good education and networking, they are always deliberate to ensure it is at a world-class destination so attendees can bring their families and turn it into a vacation.

This year will be at one of Big Ed’s personal favorites, the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. The property offers stunning views, world-class food, and rich history.

6. Truckload Refrigerated Meeting

July 15 – 17 in Stowe, VT

Our friends at the Truckload Carriers Association are always thoughtful to put this summer conference in a cool part of the country. Which makes sense, because the Reefer Conference is all about temperature control.

7. SMC3 JumpStart

January 22-24 in Atlanta, GA

SMC3’s home-based annual conference happens in January every year and is called JumpStart. It brings together the brightest minds and all the premier LTL carriers from across the country.

We like to go because we have so many friends in the LTL space that we get to reconnect with here. Not to mention the awesome SMC3 team, who we admire greatly for their work in standardizing LTL pricing.


The Eastern Confectioners Logistics Council hosts an annual conference in Bethlehem, PA with the candy manufacturers of the US. The ECLC absorbed its national counterpart and so we see attendees from around the country.

There is a lot of good networking and education packed into this half-day conference. But our favorite part is coming home with a big bag of candy!

9. FreightWaves Future of Supply Chain

June 4-5 in Atlanta, GA

FreightWaves has made serious waves coming onto the scene with content for the industry. They put on a great event, with tons of content (hey, it’s what they are good at) and fun networking events. The Future of Supply Chain conference is very technology-focused, which makes it a great place to go to keep up with the latest in trucking and transportation tech.

10. CSCMP Edge

Sep. 29 – Oct. 2, 2024 in Nashville, TN.

This will be a new one for us, but our best contacts in the industry all rave about CSCMP Edge. We are excited because of the huge turnout, keynote speakers, and great networking opportunities.

Transportation Conferences Rock

We love going to transportation conferences because they afford us the opportunity to meet in person. And the value of that cannot be overstated. We love making great relationships, and the best relationships happen from in person time!