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We connect shippers and carriers so that everyone succeeds.
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I appreciate you and your ability to recognize people and/or organizations in the logistics world who can have a positive impact on my business.

Mike Samsel
RHS Stainless

Our Vision

We believe in a world where everyone works together collaboratively to accomplish their goals, freight arrives on time, and everyone involved is able to be successful.

Our Values


We exist to serve. The greatest heroes and leaders of history served by giving selflessly.


Trust is the key to relationships. Do the right thing. Keep your word. Stand up for what is just. 


We work hard to grow professionally and personally, adding value to our partners each day. 


Eager for the New Year?

Eager for the New Year?

To say 2020 was a challenge would be an understatement.  Personally and professionally, 2020 has been the most challenging year of my life. Yet, despite all, I am filled with gratitude for the good that I have been given.  First, we are honored with a customer base...

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Flatbed Facts

Flatbed Facts

Flatbeds make sense in a situation where an enclosed trailer is not an option. Some loads don't fit on a pallet, need to be side-loaded, are overweight, or have odd configurations (machinery, for example). Flatbed is the answer for these problems and more. Common...

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The ELD Mandate – Points to Ponder

The Electronic Logging Device Mandate - it doesn't need to ruin your life Everybody’s talking about the ELD Mandate.  Electronic Logging Devices, what are YOU doing about them, and what can they do for you?   For some businesses, it’s the elephant in the room, it...

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Shipper Benefits

You won’t get any bills from us. Ever. Just bring us in when you have needs, pain points and problems. We’re not here to help you when you already have coverage, we are here to make your problems go away. Dropped loads? Poor coverage? Trouble lanes? Give us a call and we’ll bring you the perfect carrier at the right time.

Carrier Benefits

Imagine what would happen if you only paid your sales people after they closed a deal. Now imagine that you don’t have to pay any expenses or entertainment costs; and imagine you don’t have to worry about account maintenance. Welcome to Burns Logistics Solutions, Inc. We only bring you the freight that you WANT.
Welcome to the future of Transportation Sales.



We help our shipper customers with regional, national, and reefer and dry van truckload. We have HAZMAT partners, expedited carriers, flatbed, LTL, and more. 

Put our expansive carrier base to work for you and obtain the capacity you need. 


We maintain warehousing space from Maine to Georgia, the whole route of the Appalachian Trail! We specialize in warehouse space in the New York market, the Lehigh Valley, and Atlanta area.

Space is temperature-controlled and ready for you.


Total supply chain visibility means knowing where your goods and equipment are at all times. Reduce transportation costs by automating day-to-day shipment execution. No matter your role.

It’s time to optimize your supply chain. Are you ready?

We make News

Entrepreneurial Excellence Award for Burns Logistics
Journal of Commerce