Persevere in the New Year – 2016 is here!

Success in the new year will entail setting goals that are measurable and ultimately attainable. Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous new year! Want to learn more? Read on…and feel free to get-in-touch with BIG ED in the new year to see what he can do for you!


It’s amazing how many people define success as either having, or making, lots of money. If pressed for an answer as to what defines success people often, albeit predictably, answer to make more money or get that promotion. Too often people’s definition of success has more to do with flash than it does with substance. Establishing a personal definition of what success means to you requires setting goals accordingly. If you want to become successful take some time, right now, to write down your personal definition of success. But be very specific. A specific goal has a much greater chance of being accomplished than a general goal.


When it comes tomanifesting our dreams and, ultimately, accomplishing our goals, there are five vital components that require our attention. If you want your goals to come to fruition you must move toward them consistently and purposely. Again, specificity is paramount. Start with answering the who, what, which, where, when and why. Who is involved? What do I want to accomplish? Which requirements and constraints do I need to identify? Where will this take place? When will I accomplish this? Why do I want this specific goal; what does it mean to me? A general goal would be, “I want to get fit or lose weight, whereas a specific goal might be I want to exercise five days per week and consult a nutritionist about how best to gradually and healthfully lose 15 pounds in 10 weeks.


Establish concrete criteria for measuring your progress toward getting fit or losing weight. If you decide that you want to get-in-shape set reasonable goals that you can measure. By measuring your progress you’ll stay on target, reach your target dates, and experience the satisfaction and excitement that drives you further toward continued effort needed to reach your goal. Hitting your target points along the way will only help to motivate your continued efforts. If you want-to-lose-weight you might say, I’ll lose 15 pounds by exercising five days per week and counting calories by utilizing my new diet plan specifically created with my nutritionist. There should be a specific timeline, possibly a plan to lose one and a half pounds per week for ten weeks.


This is where you can figure out ways where you can make it happen. You will develop the positive attitude, abilities and skills to reach your goals and you should begin to see previously overlooked opportunities to bring yourself ever closer to the achievement of your goals. By planning your steps wisely you will have a realistic chance to reach your goals as you go through the needed steps. Goals that previously appeared out of reach are now within your reach. This is the fruit of thorough preparation and working consistently.


Your goal must represent an objective toward which you are both able and willing to work. If you are easily dissuaded by cold and damp weather, keep this in mind when deciding on which exercise venue might best suit you. Don’t plan on starting a new exercise program that will have you running outdoors during the cold winter months if that might give you an excuse to skip days of training; plan to exercise indoors regularly during the winter. When you make a tangible goal you’ll have a better chance of making it specific and measurable and ultimately, attainable. Once you set specific-and realistic-goals and establish your game plan nothing will stop you.


Your goal needs to be set within a timeframe. If a timeframe is not tied to the goal there’s no sense of urgency. Again, If you strive to lose 15 pounds in 10 weeks that’s realistic because you set a timeframe to it. Additionally pick a certain time of the day in which you are most likely to follow through, especially if it entails exercising regularly. Perhaps you have time during your lunch break for a quick 20-minute workout. Do this on a daily basis and it may become part of your routine. Then contact BIG ED to share and compare notes on how your new year’s goals are working out.