The Sun Always Rises

At the SMC3 Connections Conference in Palm Beach, I woke up early to watch the sun rise with my wife. You could probably make fun of me for doing an “old man” activity, my kids certainly do. But there’s something about a sunrise over the ocean that makes me take a step back from everyday life. Entrepreneurship is tough, and that’s more than a truism. Watching the sun got me thinking because back home in PA, I’ve seen some cloudy, rainy days. The thing is, even on a gray day, the sun still rises. I try to always remember that. Some days the clouds at work are tax bills, news of upcoming regulations, a cup of spilled coffee or (the bane of my existence) a missed shipment. It happens, but it’s frustrating. In life, we have cloudy days.

Fun at the BreakersThe Breakers

On the sandy coast of Palm Beach, Florida sits one of the best resorts I’ve ever been to. Life’s been good to me, God’s been good to me, and I’ve been fortunate to stay in a lot of nice places across the United States. This place is special for me. Marianna loves it here just as much as I do. While I go to the conference sessions, she explores Mar a Lago or sits by the pool, putting cocktails on the room tab that I know I’ll have to pick up before I go home. The place is fun, not just for its location. Opened in 1896, The Breakers delivers the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. The old adage goes, people don’t remember what you say, they remember how you make them feel. From a company culture aspect, this resort nails that every time. They make you feel pampered, yet in a way that provides in-home-quality comfort. Every employee smiles and does all they can to ensure you have an unforgettable stay. It works, every time I leave, I start planning a way to come back. The people at SMC3 are right on when they pick The Breakers as the location for their Connections Conference, a spot they seem to go back to every few years.

Join the Burns BunchSMC3 Connections

Speaking of great customer service, the people at SMC3 know how to take care of their friends. And that’s what conference attendees are to them, friends. I go to the SMC3 conferences twice a year and have gotten to know their team well. I’m always greeted with a big hug and great conversation. As a conference sponsor, they always take great care of me and because of that, I keep coming back. The entertainment this year was from Sinbad the comedian and it made for a fun time. More importantly, the conference sessions were dynamite. They discussed the economic updates and forecasts, innovation in the supply chain and digital transformations in business.  If you really want to know what was said, you’ll just have to join me at the next one.


The golf tournament is always fun, but this one was extra fun because my team won! I won’t rub it in any more, but if you get a chance, play golf at the Breakers. The course is incredibly well taken care of and the views are gorgeous.

Speaking of Gorgeous

As I looked over at my wife, Marianna, I saw my sunshine. Life is good. Not just at resort conferences in sunny Florida, life is good all the time. Even when it’s cloudy and gray, weather-wise, in life or in business, just remember that the sun always rises. Sometimes, you just need to look past the clouds.