The Solution to the Driver Shortage


You’ve been in the situation before: you call for a truck to your go-to carrier and hear, “Sorry, we just don’t have any drivers,” “My driver’s are out of hours,” or “We just don’t have the capacity.”

It’s a real problem and it’s affecting all of us. My wife keeps asking me, “When are you going to solve the driver shortage? Grocery prices keep going up!”

TopLift Trailers is THE answer to the driver shortage. Let me tell you a little bit about what TopLift is.

TopLift is a real trailer that is designed to be lifted like a container onto rail, without damage to the trailer or goods. Many trailers that get lifted from the belly onto a rail car and get damaged, but not TopLift. These are the newest trailers in the marketplace, they’re still coming off the production line!

Not only is this design pretty sweet, as you can see in the video, but it comes with all sorts of cool gadgets. The gadgets come standard and are the cutting edge.

  • Two cameras inside, four on the outside, so you can keep an eye on your goods.
  • 24-hour real-time trailer tracking

Some parents are helicopter parents. I know I was when my first went to college. TopLift has the technology to make sure you always know where your freight is, because sometimes it’s almost as important as your kids.

  • 24-hour remote temperature monitoring and recording.

Whether you’re moving a $5 million dollar load of pharmaceuticals or a trailer full of luscious strawberries, your freight needs to be at the right temperature. TopLift takes care of that, you set the temperature and track it. You’ll like what you see.

  • Geo fencing door-locking mechanisms.

Remember that $5 million dollar pharmaceutical load that is at the right temperature? It’s also super secure. These doors don’t open until you tell them to, which means the bad guys can’t steal your freight.