Truck Parking Shortage

What’s the deal with the truck parking shortage? Have you been driving at night and noticed a convoy of trucks parked along exit ramps and shoulders of highways? 

That is because in the United States there is just 1 parking space for every 11 trucks.

Drivers are handcuffed with nowhere to go. This is a serious problem in the realm of safety and driver convenience. The House of Representatives recently passed a bill that provides roughly $800 million dollars towards grants for new truck parking lots and existing facility expansion. 

Considering there was a 13% increase in fatalities in large truck crashes from 2020 to 2021, we need to keep an eye on improving safety. 

How can we help those behind the wheel to efficiently do what they do best?

  1. Enhance Infrastructure – physically building and adding onto existing parking areas would greatly improve this issue.
  2. Get Shippers Involved – include space for overnight parking and restroom facilities for drivers at new warehouses and distribution centers should .
  3. Technology Utilization – Advanced parking reservation systems and mobile applications can assist drivers to locate spots on the fly. Truck drivers can plan accordingly if they are able to look and see that a lot is full before even arriving. (Let us know if something like this would be interesting to you.)
  4. Private to Public – The government could work with privately designated areas to provide public parking and rest areas to all truck drivers.
  5. Providing incentives – Government could provide benefits and tax- break incentives to those who open up/ expand their space to assist
  6. Open a parking area – there is opportunity to make $20 per space. You get two in and out per day in that space and you get $40 per space. Pull together a few spaces and you both solve solve a problem and make money. Not a bad move.

We have to continue to advocate for safe parking opportunities for truck drivers across the country. The truck parking shortage is real and serious. And together, we can solve it!

More information on the issue is here.