ATA President and CEO Bill Graves said: “It is one thing to say trucking is our economy’s lifeblood, but it is quite another to show it. And Trends shows it clearly: trucking is, and will continue to be, the dominant way to move goods in this country.” In 2014 alone, trucking carried 68.8 percent of our nation’s freight and pumped over $700 billion dollars into America’s economy.

Big Ed went into business for himself in 2008 ( and will have enjoyed seven years on November 1, 2015.  In all, Big Ed has more than 22 years in the trucking business.

“We’re in the collaboration business, and joining the ATA, which boasts more than 37,000 members including every type of motor carrier in the United States, can vastly increase business prospects, says Big Ed before adding: “ATA (membership) will help me to build great relationships.” American Trucking Association is the largest national trade association for the trucking industry in the United States.

A few notable benefits available to ATA members are: networking events, exhibition opportunities to meet potential customers, membership in the ATA Conferences, membership in the Agricultural and Food Transporters Conference. In short, an ATA membership provides with the tools and resources needed to make informed decisions for your business.

Access to industry-wide knowledge, recommended practices and the latest in technical innovation to help improve Burns Logistics Solutions, Inc. will only improve overall efficiency and bottom-line performance for shippers and carriers throughout the United States.

What does this all mean for the potential customer? Burns Logistics Solutions, Inc. represents select asset-based transportation carriers. As independent sales agents, they can offer a more varied and tailored service to both shippers and carriers by matching clients’ needs with carriers’ expertise. In short, Big Ed’s ATA membership is a “win-win” for both his and YOUR bottom line. Call Big Ed today to find out what this means for YOU! (610) 488-7990