Woot! Woot! Renovated HQ

Looking back in history while stepping into the future, Burns Logistics Solutions Inc. (BLS) unveiled their newly remodeled historic headquarters on October 1, 2016 in Shoemakersville, Pa. during an open house. For the event, BLS unveiled the remodeled Shoemakersville Train Station that was once a stop on the Pennsylvania Railroad. The doors were open for local business people, transportation professionals and associates to step a back into the past while giving them a glimpse of the transportation future. Ed and his wife, Marianna, undertook the project of renovating the station four months ago in March and saw it as the perfect office. “The station building has always intrigued us, as it is an architectural reminder of commerce in the area of the past. Since it was most recently a residence, we saw the potential in making it our office,” said Marianna. The station was renovated inside and out, including an upstairs two-bedroom apartment, a new bathroom downstairs, central air, new furniture and lighting and a remodeled downstairs kitchen. The exterior was repainted and the wiring was replaced. The biggest challenge they faced was the building did not have the appropriate features and safety regulations, specifically the bathroom and the entrance. Along with the renovations to the building, a two bedroom rental apartment on the second floor was restored. The project was began when the BLS operation started to outgrow their home-based office. Now the newly remodeled station is a catalyst for BLS to grow. The high ceiling and open concept floor plan not only serves to show off the architecture of the station, but also as the perfect space to host meetings and eliminate the distractions from working at home. “We made this investment for our customers and carriers,” said Ed, as he explained that this space would now allow him to focus on what truly matters – creating long-lasting relationships. Burns Logistics Solutions Inc. exists to help businesses reduce stress and learn to love the transportation industry. They create long term relationships between shippers and carriers that save time, money and energy for everyone involved. Ed Burns started BLS in 2008 and their network has since grown all over North America.